GMCI BV imports and distributes weekly throughout
The Netherlands high quality Italian frozen food ingredients.
More than 10 years of experience in food import in Holland and throughout Europe and a deep knowledge of Italian cuisine, enabled us to create a dense network of relationships. Thanks to these connections we can select only the best kitchens in any region of Italy.
Our work is dedicated to satisfying the needs of restaurants, caterers, pizzerias, bars, fine food stores and delicatessens.
We choose our products according to the needs of our clientele while ensuring to adapt the best quality / price ratio to the context of the market. We collaborate daily with our Italian producers so that we do not miss any new trends and share them with our customers.
If you are looking for a particular food product or brand to import directly from Italy we can help you:
- to obtain the best prices
​- to work with your private label
- to optimize the palletization minimizing the transport costs
- to organize the transport and the storing of your products.
This way you can save money and obtain exclusive products.
Besides we have a stable operating office in Italy and this allow us to follow directly the productions and the main food dedicated trade fairs.
We usually work with small, high-quality, local kitchens and exclusive recipes.
Our products are in continuous evolution, they are realized by hand in Italian laboratories and professional kitchens.
The professional cooks we work with, know the classic recipes of Italian cuisine. Hence they can create delicious food that maintains and enhances the true taste of tradition with great attention to the details.

You can find our delicacies even from some of the best "cash and carries" and "catering wholesalers" in Netherlands.

Offering our experience, passion and honesty in work, we can be your daily partner to get always the best food ingredients for your kitchen.

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