We daily deliver to the restaurants and the HoReCa sector in Holland and north Belgium a big assortment of frozen Italian food products.

Our range of delicacies is the result of the costant listening to our customers needs and the daily cooperation with our cooks in Italy. This way we can realize and sell exclusive recipes.

Antipasti, fresh frozen pasta, ready meals, sausages, Altamura bread and focaccia, ingredients for pizzerias, sweets, 100% fresh frozen sicilian juices, ingredients for ice cream shops and much more.


Fresh Frozen Pasta

The artisan pasta factory is a proud family business that only uses the best raw materials, such as durum wheat from Altamura and fresh Italian eggs. They value tradition, passion and above all else,  true Italian flavor.

Ready meals

Almost all foods in Italy are a local speciality. Each province, town and household claims that their cuisine and recipe is the best but, if you ask us, they are all definitely worth trying!


Traditional Altamura bread is an artisan bread made from durum flour from the Altamura area of Bari, in the South East of Italy. It's famous in Italy as one of the finest and oldest types of bread in the country and it is a protected name within the European Union.


High quality products especially for your pizzeria.

We have special offers for the pizza balls bulk, including storage and delivery.

Ask for a customized offer.

Pastries, Desserts and Ice Creams

This is the meeting place for enthusiasts and profesionals in the world of pastry. Unlike other areas of the kitchen, pastries require first technical and manual skills and only then can the imagination and creativity begin.

Tre Marie Croissanterie

In the Netherland the best of the pastry tradition directly from Italy!

Fresh Frozen Sicilian Juices

Our fresh frozen juices are so special because they are 100% pure Sicilian juice, without any mixing and obtained only from the first squeezing.

    They can be used as ordinary juice or they may be used in the making of: Ice Cream, Granitas, Cocktails, Drinks, Frosting, Syrup, (salad) Dressings, sauces.